Here at Wealdstone Baptist Church we are dedicated in supporting our local community, here are just a few on the projects we support in the local area:

Food Bank:

At WBC we are collecting food for Harrow Foodbank, to support local people in crisis. For ideas on what to donate please go to:

Harrow Savings and Loans

This is part of Hillingdon Credit Union, a financial co-operative which allows its members to save and borrow money at low rates on a not-for-profit basis, with surpluses being returned to members.  WBC operates an access point in the church  building on Friday mornings from 10.00-12.00 and can provide applications, general information, access to the Credit Union’s website etc.  It’s at the same time as our “Coffee +” so visitors can enjoy a coffee and cake at the same time!


Churches Together in Wealdstone and Harrow WealdWealdstone Baptist is a part of Churches Together in the Weald, an organisation which promotes ecumenical partnership. 

Local Churches in CTW

Street Pastors:

Street Pastors patrol the streets of Harrow and Wealdstone on most Friday nights from 10:00PM to 04:00AM and alternate Saturday nights from 8:30PM to 02:30AM with the aim of “caring, listening and helping” those in the community that they meet. They patrol in the main town centre area of Harrow and along the main road to Wealdstone. They have kit bags to respond to individuals needs (flip-flops, blanket, water, lollipops etc), and signposting information to local services. For More Information Please Visit: The Street Pastors Website.

Covid-19 WBC Notice - Updated on the 27th of June - All church activities postponed until further notice. Please click here for more information.

Covid-19 Notice

Last Updated on 27/06/20

Following the Government’s statement on Tuesday this week that churches can begin to have services again, I am sure you are wondering what that means for Wealdstone Baptist Church!

The reality at the moment is that we do not yet know.

As I write this (Thursday evening), The Government have not yet published the details. Usually, these appear on the Government website a few days after a briefing is given. So, what do we know? It seems that churches will be able to hold services from 4th July, but with restricted numbers and no singing. The view is that singing puts more virus particles into the atmosphere than just talking. The Leadership met and discussed this on Zoom earlier in the week.

We will wait for the published document before making a firm plan but if we are not allowed to sing, there seems to be little advantage to rush to change from what we are doing at present on a Sunday morning with the online service. However, we are looking at restarting some other meetings in the church building such as the War Room on the week starting 6th July. We are also looking at options for streaming services live from the church building and may be testing these soon, possibly on a Sunday evening or mid-week. At the same time we have begun a risk assessment to look at all the implications of opening the building for meetings under social distancing guidelines.

The Government document should be published soon, along with advice from the Baptist Union. We will then hopefully be able to give more information about how we will be moving forwards with re-opening the building next week.


We are still running various Zoom Meetings with most of the church activities. Please read news and notes for more information.

We are also continuing to post the services at our dedicated youtube channel and on the website home page – More details below: