Sunday United 12th October – A Harvest of Good Gifts

On Sunday morning 12th October, Sunday United will be leading us in a unique service of

Harvest Thanksgiving. Please note this will also be followed by a Harvest Fellowship Lunch, so

please book the date now.

“All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above” and, as disciples of Jesus, we all have the

privilege and responsibility of both using our gifts and of thanking the Lord for them. So we are

asking everybody in our congregation, children and young people included, to share in the

morning service in one of the following special ways.

First, we’d like you to offer any kind of gift you can share – a possession, an ability or skill, a

desire to help, or something you’ve produced (can include food), using the form below.

Examples might be such things as: a treasured ornament, home-grown fruit; gardening,

shopping, dog-walking, baby-sitting; visiting folk in hospital or at home; a home-made dress or

toy – or absolutely ANYTHING that you decide you can contribute.


Secondly, if you are able, to bid in an open auction for any of the items offered, again, for

example: £5 to wash my car; £2.30 to help me with my shopping; £1.50 for those Welsh

cakes… This will be an auction, highest bidder wins, and you may be bid against, so you should

consider the most you are prepared to pay and have the cash with you, or give a promissory

note – or if you prefer, you can barter (swap) something you have brought.


Thirdly, if you are really unable to do either of the above, you can still bring shop-bought

produce, which you can put up for auction too (unsold items will go to Harrow Food Bank only if

suitable). Or, you can put a special gift of money in the offering box in church (no collection

will be made this time).

All cash proceeds will go to Tear Fund; successful bidders acquire the gift or service.


The auction will be live in church and will form the major part of our thanksgiving; yes, it’s unusual, but please give

serious thought and prayer to your contribution.

If you are offering something, please be specific, use the form below and return it BY SUNDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER,

so we can prepare an auction “catalogue” (on paper and online) by 5th October for you to consider what you

want to bid for.

Please be thoughtful and imaginative! We’d prefer not to have a dozen home-made cakes, however delicious, or

for well-off folk to keep out-bidding others, or for too many people to settle for bringing shop goods; and please,

to avoid embarrassment, no bric-a-brac; these are gifts and services for the Lord, not a jumble sale!

If you wish, you are allowed both to offer something andbid/barter for someone else’s.


A HARVEST OF GIFTS – 12TH OCTOBER (Please return by 28th September)

I am able to offer the following for auction:



If physical thing, please bring it to the service on the 12th. If a service, please state

approximate limitations (e.g. 1 hour’s gardening, 2 shopping trips, cooking 3 lunches)

Name:________________________________________ THANK YOU SO MUCH!