Weekly/Regular Events


Fusion takes place on Thursdays when there is not Youth Band. It runs from 6:30pm until 8pm. At Fusion we have discussions about a range of topics from different books of the Bible to relevant issues of today like relationships and practical ways of being a Christian.

Youth Band

Youth Band takes place on Thursdays before an all-age service. It runs from 7:30pm until 9pm and takes place in the main Church building. If you play an instrument or sing, you are welcome to come and join us in our practices. We also occasionally lead the worship in services.


BASE takes place every Friday night in term time! It runs from 8pm until 9:30pm and mostly takes place in the church halls. At BASE we have a different activity every week. Activities range from Sport nights, Quiz nights and film nights, to more unique nights like ‘I’m A Celebrity Night’ or ‘Nerf Wars!’


Blaze is our regular Sunday school group which meets on a Sunday morning during the morning service. We follow the same lesson plan as the Church but in a more youth friendly setting, therefore giving perfect opportunity for you to discuss what you have learnt with parents who will be learning the same things!

SNAC – Sunday Night After Church

After the evening service comes a time for games, eating, chatting, and just a lot of fun and fellowship. However the deal to attend SNAC is that you have to come to the evening service to obtain entry! SNAC runs from whenever the service finishes until 9pm.

Soul Survivor Saturday Celebrations

There’s nothing we like more than spending time worshipping God, looking at what the Bible has to say to us today, and waiting on the Holy Spirit, and that’s what Saturday Celebrations are all about! They take place once a month in Watford.

For more information please go to the soul survivor website.

Socials & Trips
As part of the youth group there are lots of other activities and trips to get involved in. These range from Social Saturdays to week long half term activities. We always have good fun, strive to to get to know each other better and discover more about God.

More information about Youth Activities please contact: